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One reduced installment

to cover all your debt!

Take more money home

so you can take care of the things that matter

As the saying goes Life happens! and it helps knowing where to go when your DEBT spirals out of control

At ADCS we assists individuals, who are facing a debt challenge. We will gladly advise you based on your personal situation and circumstance, in a professional and honest manner.

We assist our clients by educating them about the debt management options that will remedy their personal situation, in a sympathetic manner. Our aim is to ease the financial burden and eventually achieve financial freedom.

What next?

Request assistance

Get in touch with us and one of our qualified Debt Counselling Consultants will gain an understanding of your current financial position and inform you of the options you have to remedy your situation and bring the immediate relief you need.

Review your situation

We will Review the information you give our consultant and determine which form of assistance will suite your needs best. Remember: You are an individual so we tailor a solution that suites your needs. We will contact you and discuss the process with you and forward you documents so that we can commence Rebuilding your Life and achieving your goal of Financial Freedom.

Restructure your debt

Once we have received your documents, we will inform your credit providers and Restructure your debt into one consolidated payment, which you will make to a NCR Accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).


Once we commence with the application process you are immediately protected. It does not matter which process we use to restructure your Debt. Your matter will be finalized in court and we will obtain a court order from your nearest Magistrate court with the help of our national panel of attorneys.


Taking the step to Request Assistance is your first step towards Financial Freedom. By committing and making your monthly payments to the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), will improve your financial situation and lead to financial freedom.

So why wait? Request a call back or use the live chat and speak to one of our debt consultants today!