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We can help you reduce your Debt by up to 40%

We are here to help you reduce your debt!

The Benefits of Working with Debt Counselling Services

No more stress on payday.

No more getting turned away at stores.

No more threats from creditors.

No more fear of being blacklisted.

Below is an example of how we can reduce your monthly debt repayments into a single, consolidated repayment amount for all your debt. You determine what you can afford to paywith our various debt solutions.


Property bond

Vehicle finance

Unsecured debt


Old payment

R 15 250.00 p/m

R 5 850.00 p/m

R 8 945.00 p/m

R30 045.00 p/m

New payment

R 12 200.00 p/m

R 4095.00 p/m

R 4472.50 p/m

R 20 767.50 p/m


R 3 050.00 p/m

R 1 755.00 p/m

R 4 472.50 p/m

R 9 277.50 p/m

* The above table reflects only the installment decrease of one of our clients’ debt position – note that we reduce the interest rates as well. We will assist you if you do not have property debt and/or vehicle finance.
We reduced this client’s monthly debt repayments from R30 045.00 to R20 767.50 thereby making cash of R9 277.50 per month available for monthly commitments such as school fees, groceries, etc. We also protected the assets from repossession and took control of all of his dealings with credit providers and their debt collectors

Happy Clients that Trust ADCS

I would like to the thank the ADCS team for the impeccable service that they have provided myself and my family during our time of hardship. Before we applied for Debt Counselling, my husband lost his employment and we had to survive on my salary only. We were so stressed out and so unsure as we heard so many scary stories about Debt Counselling. Melanie and her team helped us confidentially and quickly. We are now able to manage our Debt, which includes our bond and our car. We sleep much better at night and when we call to the ADCS office, they are always polite, supportive and willing to go the extra mile. I thank God everyday for sending ADCS our way.

Mrs January - Western Cape

Thank you ADCS for all the good work. I didn’t know how I was going to do with all my debt. I lost my job in the mines and for 6 months I did not get money. I thank God that I got a new job quickly and that ADCS could help me to sort out the mess which happened when I did not have a job or money. They made all the arrangements, stopped my debit orders and took charge of my case. I got a court order and was legally protected and now I just make sure that my debit order goes off to them every month and I receive no more calls from my accounts people. ADCS you really helped me!

Mr Nkosi – Gauteng

I would like to thank ADCS for saving me and my family from the embarrassment of losing our house and our cars. We made too much debt and could no longer cope with the payments and school fees, groceries and rates payments. Walter assisted us by putting everything in perspective making payment arrangements with our creditors and cancelling our debit orders. We can now breathe because our debt is well managed and we have enough money to pay our living expenses. Three of our seven accounts have been paid up and before the end of 2017 we will only have our bond payment to pay.
Thank you to ADCS for everything.

The Adonis Family – Western Cape

5 Easy Steps to becoming Debt Free!

Request Debt Rescue assistance

Get in touch with us and one of our qualified Debt Counselling Consultants will gain an understanding of your current financial position and inform you of the options you have to remedy your situation and bring the immediate relief you need.

Debt review

We will Review the information you give our consultant and determine which form of assistance will suite your needs best.  Remember: You are an individual so we tailor a solution that suites your needs.  We will contact you and discuss the process with you and forward you documents so that we can commence Rebuilding your Life and achieving your goal of Financial Freedom.

Restructure your debt

Once we have received your documents, we will inform your credit providers and Restructure your debt into one consolidated payment, which you will make to a NCR Accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

Debt Relief

Once we commence with the application process you are immediately protected.  It does not matter which process we use to restructure your Debt.  Your matter will be finalized in court and we will obtain a court order from your nearest Magistrate court with the help of our national panel of attorney’s.


Taking the step to Request Assistance is your first step towards Financial Freedom.  By committing and making your monthly payments to the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), will improve your financial situation and lead to financial freedom.

We are here to help you become debt free!

What is Debt Counselling?

The National Credit Act formally introduced Debt Counselling to assist over-indebted consumers like yourself by developing a repayment plan, which is affordable to you as well as acceptable to all your Credit Providers. This process is intended to assist over-indebted consumers struggling with debt, through budget advice, negotiation with credit providers for reduced payments and restructuring of debts. To qualify for debt counselling, you need to be over-indebted as defined by the NCA – that is, you are unable to meet all your financial obligations in a timely manner. This is determined by a debt counsellor and basically means that you can’t repay your minimum monthly installments.

So why wait? Request a call back, we are here to help you become Debt & Stress Free. One of our debt managers will call you back!